Jenny's Family Tree (text)

                                                                    Born:  11/28/1866
                                                                    Died:  1927

                                                                       NOTE: I can trace back the ancestors of Arthur Dodge (above) to 1806 and the ancestors of his wife Sarah Avery (below) to 1557. The last known relative on Sarah's side is Sir William Herrick (born 1557) in England (lived in Leicester and London who was a member of Parliament from 1601-1630! Sir William's son (Henry ~ born 1604) settled in Salem, MA and founded the 1st Church in Salem (dissenter from Church of England) in 1629! Mapping these details  is too cumbersome for this simple text page.

                                                                    Born:  4/18/1875
                                                                    Died:  1967
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